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You should seek professional advice before implementing any of the strategies discussed herein, since: (1) The strategies are general in nature and will not apply to every situation; (2) Other opportunities may be better suited to your particular needs; and (3) The rules and regulations are constantly changing. 

June 2020

This month’s newsletter details several reasons why you should look for other sources of cash instead of tapping into your retirement funds, along with identifying potential tax surprises if you are using any of the pandemic-related relief programs, including unemployment benefits.

There are also some tips on how you can help local businesses as they re-open their doors and an overview of changes coming to your banking experience.

Please call if you would like to discuss how this information could impact your situation. If you know someone who can benefit from this newsletter, feel free to send it to them.


Please note: Some material may be time-sensitive and may no longer apply.
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